Herb StoreEdit

Dock: 4 points

Poppy Seed: 4 points

Cobweb: 4 points

Marigold: 4 points

Herb Gathering SystemEdit

To give the Clan even more of a challenge, herbs are no longer simple to find. To find a certain herb, you must go to the land in which it grows (the location of an herb is found on the herbs page.)

If you are a medicine cat and are gathering herbs, please follow these guidelines.

Firstly, go to the territory page where you are looking for herbs. If you are looking in the wrong location your herbs will not count towards the herb store.

Then go to this website and choose the ten sided dice (ten sided only or it will not work.)

Roll the die.

If you roll a 1, 4, 7, or a 9, you have found the herb you are looking for.

If you roll a 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, or 10, you have not found the herb you are looking for.

You may only search for herbs five times per day. Each time you find the herb you are looking for, you have found five points worth of the herb, which translates to five doses of herbs. You may look for one type of herb five times, or five types of herb one time, or any combination you please.

Every illness requires three doses of the herb necessary to heal.

Every infection requires two doses of the herb necessary to heal.

Anything else requires only one dose of the necessary herb to heal.