Please read these rules before joining the Clan. Any violations of these rules will result in one warning. If broken a second time, the user will be issued a three-day ban, and if it continues it will become a month's ban.

  • Do not begin to roleplay until your character has been accepted by an admin on the joining page.
  • If you don't roleplay in two weeks, your cat(s) will be removed and put up for adoption. This is to keep the Clan free of inactive characters. When you become active again you can always adopt your characters back, or rejoin with new ones if they've already been adopted. 
  • Roleplay your characters, and your characters only.
  • No god-modding. This includes allowing your characters to do whatever they like with no limits or boundaries, killing or injuring another user's character without their permission, or having your character be virtually unhittable during battle
  • No sexuality is appropriate here. No rapes, mating scenes, or suggestive dialogue will be acceptable.
  • Do not start plot scenes on your own. If you would like a small side-plot for your characters, or have ideas for the main plot to share, please request it on the plot page and wait for it to be discussed and approved.
  • No (human) swearing will be allowed.
  • Roleplay in the comments section of each page - any edits to the roleplay pages themselves will be reverted immediately.
  • No unusual names and/or descriptions will be accepted. ex - Diamondbreeze is an electric blue she-cat with purple eyes and gold wings. (Good rule of thumb - if a pelt description hasn't been used by the Erins, it most likely will not be accepted here.)
  • No Mary-Sues or Gary-Stus. The description of a Mary-Sue/Gary Stu is a female or male character that is basically perfect, and always is upstaging the other characters in roleplay, drawing all of the attention to themselves.
  • Follow the rules and have fun :)