March 19thEdit

Full Moon Weekly

The Full Moon Weekly is the wikia's brand-new Newspaper, to keep the users up-to-date with all the information going on in the Clan. :)

Character of the Week

Mosswhisker was born to Mistyheart and Forestheart, along with her siblings Raindrop and Cloudclaw. When her and her siblings were apprentices, their father left the Clan without a trace, and it left his kits wondering what happened. Mosspaw, Rainpaw and Cloudpaw grew into warriors with the names Mosswhisker, Raindrop, and Cloudclaw, and are happily living in MoonClan.

New Cats in the Clan

New cats this moon include Blossompool and Rainleaf. Welcome to the Clan!

What's Happening in the Clan?

Honeyfrost's kit, Sweetkit, has fallen ill with a fever, but hopefully it isn't serious and she'll be feeling better again soon.
Eagletalon fell off the top of the waterfall, and died shortly after coming back to the Clan. Rest in StarClan, Eagletalon.

===March 26th===