June 16thEdit

Full Moon Weekly

The Full Moon Weekly is the wikia's brand-new Newspaper, to keep the users up-to-date with all the information going on in the Clan. :)

Character of the Week

Violetshadow joined the Clan in it's golden days, before the start of all the drama and attacks. Soon after joining, she became pregnant, and gave birth to a single kit a few moons later. Shadowkit grew into a warrior, Shadowflame, and soon had kits of her own. But during the birth, something went wrong, and Shadowflame died, leaving her two kits Winterkit and Galekit with no parents. Violetshadow left the Clan with her grandkits, gathering knowledge of herbs in her time as a loner, and came back to the Clan moments before the wolves attacked. When the war was over, StarClan declared that Violetshadow become the deputy to Brightmoon's leader, and she accepted, thinking about her dead daughter.

New Cats in the Clan

This moon, we have Leafkit joining us. Welcome to the Clan!

What's Happening in the Clan?

The Wolf War is over, leaving Birchfire, Gingerstar, Oakstripe, Silvia, Asher, Raindrop, Mistyheart, and Honeyfrost dead. I, Brightstar, have taken over as leader, but I fear the Clan will never be the same. We've had more deaths than we did when we fought Maxis's gang, but I think we can regain out strength. We are strong, we are the Moon Cats. We can survive this tragic event.
Raindrop has left us with two kits, Gingerkit and Forestkit. I know that Gingerstar's spirit will live on in her grandchildren.
-- Brightstar