February 6th, 2012Edit

Full Moon Weekly

The Full Moon Weekly is the wikia's brand-new Newspaper, to keep the users up-to-date with all the information going on in the Clan. :)

Character of the Week

Robinkit was born to Spottedbird, along with her siblings Mistkit and Dustkit. Spottedbird came to the Clan when her kits were young, and thats where Robinkit and her family has lived since.

New Cats in the Clan

New cats this moon include Lilyspirit, Birchpaw, and Grassgaze. Welcome to the Clan!

What's Happening in the Clan?

Not very much is happening in the Clan. Little River broke his leg playing, and it is healing nicely.
Honeyfrost has had her kits! We welcome Bitterkit, Strongkit, and Sweetkit into the Clan.

February 13th, 2012Edit

February 20th, 2012Edit

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