August 3rdEdit

Full Moon Weekly

The Full Moon Weekly is the wikia's brand-new Newspaper, to keep the users up-to-date with all the information going on in the Clan. :)

Character of the Week

Minnowkit was originally born a rogue, into a litter of three kits. There was a dog attack, and Minnowkit and his sister Iciclekit were the only two to survive. The two kits found MoonClan, and decided to join, where they settled in quickly. The two kits show potential in their climbing abilities. The two siblings participate in the Great Wolf Battle, pairing up in an unbeatable team, coming out virtually uninjured. Minnowclaw and Icicleheart soon after receive their warrior names.

New Cats in the Clan

New cats this moon include Honeypaw, and a new loner named Flicker has been spotted. Welcome to the Clan!

What's Happening in the Clan?

The Great Wolf Battle is long over. The wounds of losing our leader and deputy at the same time, along with half a dozen other cats, are nothing but scars now. We will never forget the brave souls that gave their lives to protect their Clan.
The kits, Dawnblaze's and Raindrop's, are growing bigger every passing day, and will grow into strong cats that will make fine warriors.

-- Brightstar